Double Penetrator Net 1on1 Wholesale Ltd

Ultra stretchy cock ring with variable speed bullet. Many men aren't exactly positive what their size is. That's why they lean more towards stretch cock rings, because it can easily capture the penis size once put on. And stretchy cock rings are perfect for beginners. For the couple that enjoys double penetration, the Double Penetrator Dong and Cock Ring with wireless, multi-speed bullet for testicular or clitoral stimulation is just what you need to add a third person without all the hassle.

Whether you're not into rubber and stretchy cock rings, adjustable rings are probably your best bet, because you can easily put them on and adjust the size of your erect penis. Cock rings are one of the best sex toys for guys today and they can all agree that they've never experienced better or hotter orgasms than with a cock ring.

Even though it looks overwhelming, it's just like any other cock ring: you simply slip it on. This is also one of the best sex toys for couples to use. Very versatile it's possible to enjoy the Double Penetrator Cock ring with a partner, on its own, or fitted over a dildo for twice the stimulation during masturbation.

Hubby says the cock ring is a good fit, the shaft is flexible which is a good thing double penetrator penis ring for me. He doesnt get much from the vibe, but I do. I love the feeling of being double penetration, and I really love having the versatility with this toy to have him in my ass or my pussy pounding away, while the penetrator is pounding the other hole.

This Double Penetrator cock ring will leave no hole unfilled whilst blissfully stimulating the testicles or clitoris. Attach a bullet vibrator to the top for added stimulation to the clit or perineum. Fill her sensual spots with the sweetest sensations while wearing this double penetrator cock ring.

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